Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Smithfield Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets forth the basic ethical and legal standards by which we will conduct our business.

Business ethics
Regardless of requirements specifically defined by law, our employees should conduct themselves by the highest standards of business and personal ethics. They should at all times be honest and ethical in their dealings with coworkers, external companies, entities, stockholders, customers, suppliers or administrative bodies. It is important that every business decision we make as Smithfield employees be based on the needs of Smithfield, not on personal interests or relationships. We do not support any political party, but we do encourage all of our employees to exercise their rights as citizens by voting at elections.

Observance of law
We want to obey the law, rules and regulations governing economical operations wherever we are. We want to have our business relations established on the grounds of fair competition. We protect the intellectual property established over the years as our valuable asset.

Training and education
Thanks to meetings, trainings and discussions we ensure that our employees know and understand ethical principles and apply them in a responsible manner. Each year our employees are required to formally confirm knowledge and usage of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, conformity with law and other applicable procedures.

Anonymous ethics hotline

Our employees, customers and suppliers can use the free and anonymous Smithfield Ethics Hotline to report an actual or potential breach of the above rules:
tel. +48 800800041 or via e-mail:

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