Food production „from farm to fork”

Luis Cerdan Executive VP European Operations

Luis Cerdan
Executive VP European Operations

Smithfield Poland is a group of Polish companies specializing in food production, controlling the entire process from farm to fork.

Smithfield Poland is owned by Smithfield Foods, Inc. (USA) which is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of WH Group Limited, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Together these companies form the largest pork producer in the world.

Smithfield Foods, Inc. employs 57,000 people in 11 countries worldwide and is a pioneer in controlling quality and safety at every stage of the food production chain. Our over 50 well-known brands testify to the trust our customers have in us.

Smithfield Foods is committed to using its professional knowledge and investments internationally—including in Poland—to work cooperatively with local farmers. We offer them a business model based on mutual development to promote competitiveness and reduce market risk.

Our commitment to the responsible production of food is appreciated by consumers from the over 100 countries where Smithfield products are sold.

Smithfield Poland continuously monitors all aspects of its operations to ensure the safety and highest quality of its products, most of which originate from our own resources.

Smithfield Poland consists of:

  • Animex Foods – producer of pork, poultry and high quality processed products manufacturer offered under brands: Krakus, Morliny, Morlinki, Berlinki, PEK and Mazury. See more
  • Agri Plus – pig producer See more
  • Agri Plus Feed – feed producer See more