Value Creation

Mutual Growth

Smithfield Poland’s mission and philosophy take sustainability principles as a priority and guideline. Our company grows thanks to cooperative partnerships with hundreds of Polish farmers and hog producers. And that growth leads to the further development and growth of our partners. All that translates to better environmental protection and a better standard of living for our local communities.

Our cooperation with Polish farmers takes place in many areas, starting with crops and going through livestock procurement to feeding of animals. In 2013 Smithfield Poland purchases from Polish farmers and hog producers totaled over one billion PLN. We support our suppliers with knowledge and advice to help them provide us with the highest quality raw material, allowing them to receive premiums over the base price.

One way we help the local communities where we operate is by supporting the education of talented youth (see Smithfield Polska Foundation ) and helping those in need. Thanks to our growth, we create employment opportunities in local markets with usually high unemployment rate. We are the frequently the largest employer and the biggest taxpayer, funding a large part of local budgets.

We meet with our stakeholders—our breeders, suppliers, clients, consumers, local authorities and community representatives. These meetings provide updates on the company’s activities and share information on sustained development and its impact on local areas. We discuss ways to mitigate any adverse impacts of our operations and assess possible hazards and how to eliminate them.

We do our best to explain the economic benefits of our businesses and the value they add to all parties involved.