Environment Protection

As mother nature said…

A major challenge and objective for Smithfield Poland is a permanent reduction of our operations’ impact on nature. As detailed in our Environmental Policy, we strive to deliver on this objective by permanent reductions in emissions, and reduced use of energy and water.

Our Environmental Policy applies to all Smithfield Poland plants and covers improvements in production processes and the preservation of the environment. It is the responsibility of all employees, and a major priority for management, to account for environmental impact when making strategic and business decisions.

Total elimination of NOVs (Notice of Violation) is an objective for Smithfield operations worldwide.

We meet or surpass the requirements of respective acts and regulations covering preservation of the natural environment. We are accomplishing this by minimizing pollutant emissions, reducing natural resources usage, especially water and energy, and continuously perfecting pro-ecological procedures.

We have ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management systems for all 30 of our subsidiaries’ locations: 8 meat processing plants, 16 farms and 6 feed mills. As part of our commitment to natural resources preservation Smithfield facilities participate in Clean-Up days, and for each of the past 10 years have joined with youths volunteering on World Water Monitoring Day.

Smithfield Poland has set an objective of working toward a 10% or more reduction of water and energy usage, and of greenhouse gas emissions and waste, from 2008 to 2016. Our progress to date indicates we will meet, or in some cases exceed, all these objectives.

Smithfield Poland has received recognition of and awards for our efforts in a number of Polish contests and competitions.