Local Communities

We are One Family

Smithfield’s motto “Think globally, act locally” is reflected in the daily initiatives and actions at each of our plants.

One of our basic priorities is to support local communities. We want to be a part of the larger family they represent. To assist in that effort we have established the Smithfield Poland Foundation to help youth in each of our locations continue their educational career, ZYGMUNT PIWOŃSKI’S SMITHFIELD POLAND FOUNDATION.

 The Foundation has been set up on September 20, 2007 to commemorate longtime and distinguished employee Zygmunt Piwoński, tragically killed in car-crash, who advocated the support of those in need and talented youths. For that reason, the key goal of the Foundation is to support education of children and youths from locations, where facilities/entities of Smithfield Polska Group operate, especially to support education of children and youths of our employees and farmers cooperating with mentioned facilities.

The scholarships of 200PLN/month for junior high and high school students and 300PLN for full time university students – are granted for all academic year (for 10 or 9 months respectively). In given academic year, the scholarship holders of extinguishing achievements may receive an extra one-time scholarship in the amount equating to PLN 1,000.00.

In 2017 our Foundation will celebrate 10th anniversary. In 2016/2017, i.e. the 10th year of the Foundation, we have granted the total number of 393 scholarships. During that period our Foundation granted 1648 scholarships of the total value of PLN 3,687,600.00.

Smithfield Polska Foundations is not the only element we use to help those in need. Other local actions we undertake are also worth mentioning:

  • local communities support inclusive of local charities. A regular action sponsoring meals for children from the poorest rural areas,
  • We sponsored schools in areas of Agri Plus operations (school aids, books, publishing houses, sport and cultural events),
  • We sponsor local social organizations (we donated fire extinguishers and medical equipment to Voluntary Fire Fighters) and associations supporting the growth of local communities in the areas of Agri Plus operations.